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to use the nuclear deterrent as the u.s. and south korea got ahead with military exercises. 84 european banks and passed the stress test oft. s center has urged the scottish government to reconsider the release of the lockerbie bombing. the british royal family hit the high seas for the holiday special. >> hello and welcome. north korea says it will use the nuclear deterrent in response to a joint u.s./south korea military exercises this weekend. according to officials, it is ready to launch in retaliation war. washington says the word games are a deterrent of north korean aggression. this weekend joint exercise is a response to the sinking of a south korea warship in march. >> this was a statement from the country's powerful national defence commission, reported by north korea's of fish a news agency. it repeated the denial of any involvement in the sinking of a south korean war ship in march. these exercises are taking place involving south korean and american ships. it is a response to the allegations that north korea sink the warship. the national defense commission spokesman went o
physical with the u.s. over sanctions. there is a rosy picture of economic progress but are they looking at rose-colored glasses? and some climb on board to extend bush era tax cuts. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report". good evening. i'm bret baier. pentagon officials say they plan to conduct military exercises with south korea despite a threat from the north of what it calls a physical response. the drills and the north's reaction to them, both grow out of accusations that north korea was responsible for the sinking of a south korean warship in march. tensions are rising tonight. national correspondent steve centanni has the story from the pentagon. >> reporter: with military hardware in place for a pointed show of force off the kore korean peninsula, harsh words remain the weapon of choice. at asian security conference in hanoi, vietnam, they condemned the military exercises and issued this threat -- >> it will be physical, respon response. it's no longer the 19th century, which -- [inaudible ] >> but the diplomacy it is. the exercises include the giant u.s. ai
of the german marshall fund you'll be hearing from ellen. it is a network of 25 cities, 12 in the u.s., 13 in europe, and oakland is one of those cities, but i, of course, wearing my regional hat, have looked to expand what i have been learning through the network and the opportunities that present themselves to the network and to expand that. and where better to bring a cycling delegation than to the city of san francisco, a city very much on the verge of, i think, turning the tide in favor of cycling where there are 40-some-odd, 43-plus projects waiting in the wings for the environmental lawsuits to come to a close. so it is very exciting to have the opportunity for the delegation to come here, and i think the timely honkly, could not be -- honestly, could not be better. they have spent just over a day in the city of oakland doing a bit of a bike tour, meeting with elected officials there and a community open house last night where we had 80 folks turn out to listen to their talk. the other thing, obviously the public support and the public interest in this issue is alive and well and i
for sealing that well. >>> desperate search. two u.s. troops now missing in afghanistan. new details of how they were ambushed at a busy marketplace. >>> an open book. the place 500 million people are now revealing the instant secrets of their lives. >>> good evening. all eyes were on the gulf early today and whether a tropical storm would make the disastrous oil spill even worse, but we begin with the weather tonight a thousand miles to the north and east. torrential rain soaking portions of the midwest stranding residents, flooding highways and causing a dam to fail. in the east, deadly triple-digit heat and tropical humidity making this one of the worst days in the summer of record-breaking temperatures. we have two reports on the extreme weather. we start off with abc's eric horng who is outside of chicago in westchester, illinois. >> reporter: good evening, sharyn. the water here came up quickly while many were asleep. and today many streets here in westchester look just like this one. the water here has started to recede but for many, not soon enough. it was a nonstop 12-hour deluge,
and this will go down to the wire. most powerful democrat in the u.s. senate has a lot to worry about in the next hundred days. >> gregg: all right. carl cameron, carl, stay with us it's a little tricky. >> blackjack, actually. >> gregg: we're streaming nevada events. check it out at 10:00 brian wilson will host a one hour special from america's election headquarters, bringing you al franken bringing closing remarks at the event. >> a political show down in the nation's capitol. president obama and gop taking shots at one another, criticizing jock creation proposals. molly henneberg is live from d.c. with the details. molly, i understand the president says the u.s. is finally headed in the right direction with the economy so we ask, what specifically did he mean? >> well he named or he listed a couple of things that his administration has done, to quote, get us out of this recession including new regulations on the financial industry, more money for the clean energy sector and tax cuts for working families. he criticized john boehner saying gop wants to repeal the health care law and keep tax cut
, the top secret america -- a new "washington post" investigative series reveals a u.s. national security operation in potential disarray. the papers lead reporter on the story is here. >>> and her identity as a cia operative was leaked sparking an international uproar. valerie plame wilson is weighing in on the hidden culture of spies in the u.s., russia, and iran. we want to welcome our viewers around the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> just a week ago, few people had heard of shirley sherrod. but the former usda official was thrust into the headlines overnight when conservative web publisher andrew brightbart put out a misleading clip that falsely implied sherrod discriminated against a white farmer. sherrod was forced to resign from the government post. but the video of the entire speech revealed. her words were taken entirely out of context. and her remarks were about overcoming prejudice and discrimination. the agriculture secretary tom vilsack apologized to sherrod and offered her a new job and she spoke by phone with presid
. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. overseas tonight, two u.s. service members are missing in afghanistan and may have been captured by the taban. our terry mccarthy is embedded with u.s. troops in helmand province, he joins us tonight. terry, this story, highly unusual. what do we know right now? >> reporter: jeff, this is a very bizarre story. apparently the two u.s. service members were c.v.s returning from a training mission about five miles south of kabul and appeared to be kidnap bide the taliban somewhere on their trip back. the taliban themselves have told cbs news they kidnapped these two men with 10 taliban on the road and removed them to a secure location. the bizarre thing about the story, however, is these two men appear to be traveling on their own. this is not normal practice for u.s. force nozz afghanistan. normally, they would be in a convoy of at least two if not more vehicles. jeff. >> glor: tersecond question, the u.s. is reporting the death of five more than troops in afghanistan raising this month's death toll to 56. "newsweek" magazine with a provoca
across the u.s., the committee of european banking supervisors released the results of their test. seven european banks failed. if the worst-case scenario came to pass, they would not have the capital they need to survive. hypo real estate was the only german bank that did not survive. five regional banks in spain failed as well. deutsche bank topped the results before the german banks tested. commerzbank also did well. >> the results are surprising because they are along the same lines we have seen for a long time now. there is a rise in the average capital ratio in the german sector from 9% in 2008 to more than 10% in 2010. >> spanish banks would need around 1.8 billion euros to survive another credit crunch. the head of the central bank in spain emphasized that the stress tests were only an exercise and not a forecast. he said that regional banks saturday been restructured. the results have been met with widespread relief. they show european institutions are in good shape but it is to be seen how the news will affect the markets. >> we are putting a lot of stress on the stress tests.
hearings surrounding bp. >>> and north korea's rhetoric against the u.s. is getting even hotter. pyongyang warned it would use nuclear deterrence and about 8,000 military personnel are expected to take part in the drill tomorrow off the south korean coast. the u.s. says the exercises are in response to the deadly sinking of a south korean ship blamed on the north. a former reporter with cnn and now a senior fellow at the university of southern california says it is possible this war of words could escalate even further. >> i think the north koreans know if they get into a serious shooting war with south korea and the united states, they're going to lose their regime and their system are going to disappear. so they're not interested in provoking that kind of war. on the other hand, when you have both sides engaging in saber rattling and muscle flexing, that's what this joint u.s./south korean naval exercise is, it's to deter north korea. there is the danger of an incident of one episode spiraling out of control. >> in addition to the 8,000 military personnel, about 200 aircraft and 20 ships
that they will use powerful nuclear deterrents to respond to joint u.s./south korean military exercises tomorrow. u.s. says the exercises are in response to the deadly sinking of a south korean ship blamed on the north. so after 1 1/2 years in office, president obama is still popular with african-americans but a new cnn opinion research poll suggests that he's much less popular with white voters. cnn deputy political director pi paul steinhauser has been crunching the numbers. >> reporter: let's start with president barack obama. more than nine out of ten say they approve of how mr. obama is handling his duties in the white house but 57% among hispanics and 37% among whites. according to the poll, six in ten say they think race relations will always be a problem. the number of whites is up five points from last year to 47%. what about the year and a half old tea party movement. about a quarter of you believe they are prejudice against minorities with another 35% saying at least some are prejudice. our polls all suggest those numbers clean when asked only of black respondents. >>> concerns about racis
under way between the u.s. and south korea. rising tensions on the korean peninsula tonight. >> plus,. >> then i realized what happens in vegas will be webcast, will be tweeted by 2,000 of you but i'm grateful to the chance to talk to you. >> what is happening in vegas? the politics in november with hundred days to the election. >> and a death-defying escape for a fighter pilot, went that a ball of flames and his survival story and amazing video and pictures straight ahead. >> but we begin with breaking news now. we are keeping a close eye on a situation in iowa. sweax are underway right now after a dam failed that is being called catastrophic. 300 foot section of the dam opened up sending a cascade of water downstream. at least half of the 700 residents of home were evacuated. flooding is also expected in the neighboring communities. officials don't know if the entire dam will give way but all residents in low-lying areas have been ordered to leave their homes immediately. the dam sits on the mccrocada river and we'll keep you posted of developments. >> day 96 the national disaster
government was on the take. ah, and, in most cases, they were keeping their u.s. visas up-to-date in case they had to get out all of a sudden. so the, the whole structure, the government structure there is involved with, ah, obviously with drugs, one way or another. >> vanda. >> ah, i think that the afghan govements, is very corrupt in multiple ways, and certainly members of both high levels and low levels are involved in drug trafficking, inevitably, if a third or half of the country's economy is drugs. essentially the only way to have risen to a position of being a new con after the 1980's when the legal economy was estimated to be part of the illegal economy. >> we spoke, ah, great decisions spoke to some other experts about these topics too, including the question of why globalization seems to have fueled the flames a little more. let's listen to what they have to say. >> the origin of organized crime, the way we understand it, an italian, an italian would call it mafia, international mafia. it really goes back to the 70's and 80's at the national level, but it became a global problem
of cheating have turned up. >>> coming up, two u.s. troops disappear in afghanistan. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. the woman escaped a brush with death after falling on to train tracks. and a music festival turns deadly. what triggered this stampede? >>> at least 17 people died, 80 were injured at a stampede at a music festival in germany. they were crushed inside of a tunnel at the festival. the panic started when the police tried to stop thousands of people from trying to enter the parade grounds that were packed with hundreds of others. emergency workers had trouble getting to the victims because of the crowds. initially, the concert continued with partygoers on aware of the deadly panic. >>> two u.s. troops are missing in afghanistan. it released a statement the service members left the compound yesterday and did not return. also, five u.s. soldiers died in bombings in the south today, where international forces are stepping up the fight against the insurgents. a photographer embedded in an outpost filled the fire fight with the taliban. >>> north korea says it will respond if the u.s
a widespread doping program on the lance armstrong team sponsored by the the u.s. postal service. when was the first time you were handed something? >> lance armstrong handed me some testosterone patches. it's just a little patch you put on your skin. it's not like -- a blood transfusion is a bit more dramatic. it's a large needle, and it's blood. but a patch deliverers testosterone, transdermal patch, not a big thing. >> reporter: did you see lance armstrong receiving transfusions? >> yes. >> reporter: more than once? >> yes. >> reporter: he says armstrong transfused his own blood, a banned practice that gives endurance athletes an advantage by increasing the red blood cell count and therefore their endurance. a banned substance called ebo provides a similar effect. did you see him using other drugs? >> at times, yes. >> reporter: like what? well, there's not a whole lot, like i said, that helps. well, there's epo you can use, and small amounts during the tour de france, if you need to monitor certain parameters that are tested for. that change because of the blood trans fusions. >> r
anniversary of the u.s. and 1976 we started landmarking buildings and what i think set it off was the demolition of the fox theater and people got up in arms and no more of the demolition and celebrating 200 years of the country and 200 years from now we want some left. >> there was a historic survey done i believe in 76 by the planning department. is that accurate? >> junior league. >> the survey was done by the planning department. that's right. we have some planners here and by planners and interns and planning stuff and we have the complete record and including the photographs from that survey here. the next one is destined it's a classic structure in san francisco and the coke bottle at pac bell and pat you were involved with that and the responsible party? >> i am the responsible party for this thing, yes. i spent three months designe designing it's made out of hundred thousand pounds of alaskan cedar. and finally we're going to get a nam plague with our nan it and it can hold 100,000-gallons of coke and they were curious how much you could put in there and all mad
in on north korea, ramping up threats to south korea as well as the u.s. in fact, north korean leaders are threatening a nuclear response to war games involving the u.s. and south korea. those military exercises, slated to take place tomorrow. now this is the latest threat also coming on the heels of the deadly sinking of a south korean warship. seoul and washington implicated north korea in the sinking of that vessel. joining us is military analyst jack jacobs. jack, why would north korea want to throw out these threats to the south and also to the u.s. if they're saying that they deny having anything to do with the sinking? >> sometime they do things and sometimes they don't do things. but they're very, very blij rent. i think the leadership basic willy is out of their minds, completely. this is the same country which in 1950 invaded south korea for -- with no provication. they sank the ship with no provication a couple weeks ago. a very, very difficult to gauge. and they have nuclear weapons. i think any threat that north korea throws out there out to be taken seriously. >> but the
to afghanistan for the latest on two u.s. soldiers reported missing there. has big labor lost the mojo when it comes to getting candidates elected? can dems afford to ignore the unions? good question. we will explore that. do the young cute faces make you want to buy something? advertisers are banking on it. more on that when we come back. thanks to t venture card from capital one, we gedouble miles on every purchase. so wearned an l.a. getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use oucard. no matter at we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer introducing the venture card from capital one with double miles on everyurchase every day. go to [ indistinct shouting ] what's in your wallet? >> brian: this is a fox news alert. 10 people have been killed and 15 injured after a mass panic broke out at a festival in germany. the deaths occurred after the authorities tried to stop thousands of
a deadly day for u.s. troops in afghanistan. two separate ied explosions claimed the lives of five american troops. very little information is out at this point other than both roadside bomb attacks happened in southern afghanistan. >>> listen to this discovery. along the u.s.-mexican border, suspected casualties of the ongoing mexican drug cartel wars. they have found now nine hidden mass graves. at least 38 bodies recovered so far. local attorney general says he believes some of the dead may have been buried as recently as just a few days ago. >>> and a flurry of pink slips have 241 teachers walking away from d.c.'s public school system. the firings are called "performance related." the teachers union says a new evaluation process for instructors was flawed. >>> so let's keep an eye on the weather. we always are. the weather system really churning through the gulf. it has weakened but tropical depression bonnie is still hampering clean-up efforts at bp's leak site. >> jacqui jeras is keeping an eye on things. we're always a little nervous to say something has weakened. people think it is
, wrinkles and spots. new ageless vitality. save $20 at >>> a suspected u.s. drone attack killed 16 militants. five missiles are believed to have hit a compound. the region used to be a nerve center until an offensive chased most of the fighters away. >>> and 241 teachers were fired in d.c. because they failed an evaluation. 737 other teachers have been put on notice for minimally effective grading they received. >>> and tension between the two koreas as the united states and south korea go ahead with plans for massive joint military drills scheduled for tomorrow, north korea is threatening with nuclear deterrence. the u.s. says the drills are in response to the south korea war ship. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ your teddy bear ♪ put a chain around your neck ♪ and leave me anywhere >> not quite a teddy bear story but a bear none the less. a bear behind the wheel. a bit of a joyride. >> deputies piece together the tail this way. a neighbor heard a car horn at 3:00 a.m. came out to see this colorado family's car rocking back and forth. by the time the family got up and is went
in that gulf of mexico. and getting started may be the toughest part of the job. while onboard the u.s. coast guard "elm," cnn's rob marciano shows us how difficult it is. >> reporter: once the barge was in place, we had to lash the two vessels together. trying to tighten up this slack here. >> slack out. >> no, no, no. >> don't know if i'm helping but they need to make this as tight as possible. i can feel the tug pulling against me. >> we're about as good as we're going to get there. >> reporter: just doing that for 20 seconds. i'm exhausted, bro. we haven't even started. this whole process has taken hours. i mean, we're almost at -- into the arch and we haven't skimmed a thing or even deployed any sort of skimming equipment. it's given me a -- a real appreciation for what these guys are doing every day. you think -- you just come out here, you drop some boom and throw a vacuum cleaner on it and suck up the oil. there's so much more to it when you're talking about a project of this scope and a mess this big that needs to be cleaned up. it's painstakingly slow. the whole thing is slow, for s
out today. nato saying that two u.s. service members left their compound here in the capital of kabul friday afternoon, and then they went missing, and all of the information that they can give is that an investigation was under way, but as you said, an afghan intelligence official stating that they were actually abducted in logar province, logar borders the capital of kabul just to the south. and you know for the past several months, don, we've been talking about southern afghanistan, particularly helmand and kandahar provinces. talking about how volatile they are, how the taliban have an influence there. but what hasn't been mentioned is the taliban control in eastern afghanistan, including the province of logar. logar province is permeated with taliban fighters. the question that remains, many questions actually remain. and some of them include why these two service members actually left this compound of kabul by themselves and what is said to be nonmilitary vehicles, in fact suvs armored suvs and what they were doing in logar province by themselves. and it has been obviously a ver
have it disrupted their activities. u.s. officials told the bbc that 600 militants have been killed in drone strikes since president obama took office, and very few civilians. the government in islamabad denies supporting the attacks. >> i hope the u.s. will consider that instead of doing it, give us the technology. we know where to do it, how to do it. then we will have ownership. when this happens, people will not mind it. >> some of those who fled the area are sick of the politics and the violence. >> i moved because of my children's safety. i do not know who to blame. islamabad, washington, or the taliban. we just cannot let -- bear it anymore. >> it will take a long time for northwest pakistan to get out. america insists drone strike must be part of a solution. bbc news. >> and our drone war coverage is also on the bbc world service radio today and on line as well. we have detailed maps from the bbc urdu server is, and the story of one pilot in helmand province. workers may evacuate because of an incoming tropical storm. it will mean a temporary halt to the repair work. >> the
for help. >> his brother says that he was a 20-year veteran of the u.s. navy with a wife and daughter in the philippines. >>> also in oakland, investigators are looking into armed robbery at a desert and tea shop. they say two masked men robbed nine customers at mr. green bubble just before 11:00 last night taking their purses wallets and electronics and took money from the cash register and no one was hurt. >>> fire crews tackling a one alarm fire say they std across a marijuana growing facility. they were called to an apartment building around 5:15 and they say they were coming from the first floor and quickly spread. a spokesman said they had a tough time getting through the building because it was filled with debris but once they reached the top floor, they found dozens of marijuana plants. >> the third floor had two rooms that made extra room in there and both rooms had plants at different stages, and in full bloom with buds. you could smell it from the street. >> no one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. fire officials say they're ruling out electrical problem. oa
livable. i also wanted to move this project for another reason, which is important to u.s. dot. that reason is we are involving a number of small and disadvantaged businesses, a key goal of u.s. dot. you see the new equipment here. that is simply because of the investment small businesses are able to make because of the recovery act. it is critical that small business is also a part of -- not just sharing in the economy -- by helping us to recover from an economic standpoint. let me close with a few words about our main priority as u.s. dot, and that is safety. we have many projects across the country that are underway and we need to be extra careful when driving through work zones. we want to make sure that men and women building the infrastructure are safe, and that is important for all of us. i would ask you to please keep that in mind. whenever you are behind the wheel, please turn off your cell phone and pay attention to your driving. i were transportation secretary ray lahood is leading a national effort to bring attention to the dangerous act of talking while driving. in
ceases to amaze me. i am an adopted child of the u.s., state of california, and reading the secretary of the epa's biography, he oversees 40,000 employees. the only have to do with two issues. housing and transportation. he has 22,000 employees that he needs to look over. a $20 billion budget. i was just noticing his budget is about half of the entire agricultural exports of the country of argentina. that is fascinating. he is a fascinating man, someone that i have been privileged to partner with over the past couple of years on what is a tremendous groundbreaking initiative, the delivery of the second phase of the project. just as the victor is a visionary, i believe dale is also a visionary. many fruit of his vision are likely to mature after he has left office, but his imprint is clear on the san francisco infrastructure. i want to acknowledge that by welcoming him to the podium. please welcome secretary dale bonner. [applause] >> thank you. always good to be here, mr. mayor. i just had a few words. first of all, thank you to jose louis, not only for the kind words, but for his for
of the environmentalists types. another about the u.s. supreme court's decision citizens united. the one that democrats think wail will you corporations to buy elections into the future. they would like to see that overturned. one of my personal favorites. . harmful if swallowed mainstream media sticker this is good but i got to sensor it from the american federation of state county municipal employees. it goes on stop the bull, like i say i'm not1(%u telling you. there's plenty of this stuff, i mean buttons. it continues until the end of this evening. we'll hear harry reid and al franken will be here. across town the conservatives have their convention going on it is called right online. largely sponsored by americans for prosperity associated with the tea party movement. you have this dynamic in vie gas where what happens here is supposed to stay hero for cal grenades back and forth from the right and left in advance of the midterm elections, 100 days from tomorrow. >> ainsley: conservatives are in vegas today too, what is their message for the democrats? >> reporter: that they are tired of the libe
described a scorching conditions on board a u.s. airways flight with no air- conditioning. plus, torrential rains turn the windy city into flowing streams. and disabled children are given a day of therapeutic fun at the harbour. harbour. a look >> take a look at this flooding in chicago after storms dumped nearly 7 inches of rain. at least one major interstate was shut down and people were reportedly climbing out of cars and swimming to safety. some 40,000 people were left without power. a plane bound from philadelphia for charlotte had to make an emergency return after air- conditioning on the plane stopped working. nearly 200 passengers were on board flight 1106. one passenger said the plane was turned around after a man became ill. another passenger said she had to help a toddler who had become overcome by the heat. >> it was hard to breathe. it was a packed light. >> one flight attendant was taken to hospital after she was hurt during the emergency descent, which passengers described as a quick landing with a lot of turbulence. all passengers were revoked on later flights. -- read booke
week. the winning item is brought to a vote on the u.s. congress house floor, every week the next week the vote will take place on the prior week's winner. this week's vote was on a cut which would have saved the taxpayers 1.2 billion dollars, with a "b" that would put an end to the sleeper class fare on amtrak. amtrak loses $400 per passenger in subsidizing the sleeper class. there's only 16% of the passenger load on amtrak even opts for that. some say i don't know if it is all the way valid some say we could put people on a plane for that price and still save for not subsidizing the sleeper class. all in all the youcut program has amounted to over 100 billion dollars in cuts to the federal budget. we 10 to gather votes -- we continue to gather votes and amass a record each week. unfortunately, it has not been overwhelmingly bipartisan because we are unable to prevail obviously with the democrats not joining in wholesale. >> greta: i suspect it is to send a message that these are the things that the american people want. 100 billion dollars -- now we deal with trillions, 100 billion d
in the u.s. navy and served in the persian war before retiring from the service. >> he's a very quiet and nice guy. all i know is just go to work, home, work, home. >> reporter: those who knew mariano say they can't think of a reason why anyone would want to kill him. the shooting comes five days after another shooting in downtown oakland. there does not appear to be any connection between that shooting and this morning's. >> there's no evidence, no witnesses suggesting this case could be suggested. on the first case, there was a robbery that went bad. >> reporter: the city is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this morning's shooting. police are asking anyone with any information to please give them a call. reporting live in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an investigation is on the way this evening into the cause of a large fire early this morning that seriously damaged a house under construction in the oakland hills. it was reported just after 1:00 this morning on skyline boulevard by the time firefighters arrived, the house was eng
ceremony in washington, d.c. musk music. >>> the four star general served as the top commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan [ inaudible ] . >> because of the few decisions that he made on the battlefield but he cherished his life as a soldier. he was forced to resign his post in afghanistan last month after making disparaging remarks about the obama administration in a magazine article. >>> in a sign of economic recovery, ford today reported a big surge in second quarter revenue and profit. the automaker said its sales from april 1st to june 30th were up $4 billion from the year before and the profits surged 13%. in california auto dealers reported today that new car sales overall jumped 23 percent in the first half of this year with the biggest gains coming in just the past three months. wall street responded to those car sales numbers finishing an up week with a winning day. the dow gained 102 appoint, the nasdaq 23. word that major european banks passed the financial stress test and a rise in the euro also boosted the confidence in the global economy. >>> someone has cut down or d
of u.s. forces in afghanistan [ inaudible ] . >> because of the few decisions that he made on the battlefield but he cherished his life as a soldier. he was forced to resign his post in afghanistan last month after making disparaging remarks about the obama administration in a magazine article. >>> in a sign of economic recovery, ford today reported a big surge in second quarter revenue and profit. the automaker said its sales from april 1st to june 30th were up $4 billion from the year before and the profits surged 13%. in california auto dealers reported today that new car sales overall jumped 23 percent in the first half of this year with the biggest gains coming in just the past three months. wall street responded to those car sales numbers finishing an up week with a winning day. the dow gained 102 appoint, the nasdaq 23. word that major european banks passed the financial stress test and a rise in the euro also boosted the confidence in the global economy. >>> someone has cut down or destroyed dozens of trees in golden gate park. coming up the reward that is now poste
that the percentage of americans who believe the u.s. economy will be the same or worse than last year is 67%. two out of three people, which is consistent with the position taken by the federal reserve board chairman, ben bernanke, in his testimony to congress this week. >> even as the federal reserve continues prudent planning, we also recognize that the economic outlook remains unusually uncertain. >> despite the hardships, optimism lives on. 70% of americans still believe they will some will some day li american dream. >> question, currently americans are resilient. we bounce back. what explains that resilience in americans, pat? >> john, dreams have always died hard in america and the reason they die hard is because this country has been such a magnificent success for so many hundreds and millions of people. for so many centuries. it really has and americans are resilient people. they are innovative people. they are hard working people. but the problem i think we have now, john, is we are no longer the producers we once were. we are consumers. we used to be a family centered society. we are n
was boasting about this coming weekend but he didn't make it. >> crystal re mariano served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and he's behind a wife, seven year- old daughter in the philippines. in oakland kron 4 news. >> >> >> is are permitted to release the statement they say " we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the employee's family and friends, and we're providing support to the employees at the oakland medical. ". the oakland police department could be getting federal help to deal with the recent rash of violence has kron 4 to do on thursday oakland police chief is they're reaching out to several federal agencies for assistance losing 80 officers. christine conley fought with that will mean for oakland residents. >> the oakland police department plans to draw federal agencies to town with a today violent summit. officials say it's in the works now set for late august it will bring and agencies like the fbi, dea, atf. the u.s. attorney's office said the first day officials will meet with community leaders to discuss what's needed. if the second day amid the with the police department to h
minutes. and there is a bang on the doors and after that, silence he was working in the u.s.. his wife and children stayed behind. and this is similar to last sunday's when a virginia man was shot and killed. police want to talk to two people seen in this video taken before that shooting. >> and also an firefighters uncovered a pot-growing operation responding to an apartment fire. 3200 block of telegraph avenue this morning. investigators sate fire started on the first floor, spread together top where the plants were found. no one was home at that time. they're searching for the cause of the fire but ruled out it being electrical. >> starting tomorrow, vallejo will cut the number of police cars by half. it's a direct result of the city crushing deficit two. officers instead of one will be assigned to each car on the road to makeup for the lack of back up. this decision comes a week after the department announced it's also suspending it's canine and s.w.a.t. programs 90 days. >> another black eye for embattled crime lab. a police official says a $140,000 machine could be used to help e
from spain, some of them with the spanish royal armies; other irish influx arrived from the u.s. for the construction of railroads used to transport sugar cane to the sugar plantations. that was at the end of the 19th century. and then at the beginning of the 20th century, we're talking 1902, 1910, before odono that i mentioned before, this man who gave his name to -- he was very proud of this lighthouse. the cubans offer hospitality to general alexander alejandro o'reilly. he rose through the ranks of the spanish army. the spanish sent alexander o'reilly to cuba to form a militia. he was appointed governor of louisiana and head of the army later on. he arrived in august, 1769, and took formal possession of louisiana for spain. think of new orleans and cuba, in particular havana, governors there were also in cuba so there was all this traveling from one city to another because later when i got my ph.d. from tulaine university and i went to the irish channel. it's interesting, the irish history connected with new orleans. so the o'reilly family has been in louisiana for centuries
countries. they are using -- why don't you take it out of your u.s. products. they weren't too keen on that. we think the europeans are crazy. opi has fun names like i am not really a waitress red. we decided to do a spoof and we came up with our own names, like i can't believe it is a carcinogen. we dressed up with sashes that said mistreatment. this all happened in may, by august the company announced they were taking out formaldehyde and now advertising all of their products are free of those chemicals. >> [applause]. >> that was a huge victory and it show that is we can change the industry, they are responsive and they can change on a dime relatively quickly. we have products and they work wonderfully and the prices didn't go. there is an initial resistance, we see it is possible to change this industry and happening very quickly. so i want to commend everybody that has worked on that and everybody who has chosen to think about the research and what they are using. one last reading from the book, this theme and what is possible to do together. this is the- chapter of my book, extreme ma
to will out of here. it is a bad thing. he was supposed to move out this weekend. >> and he served in the u.s. navy for 20 years and leaves a wife, seven year-old daughter in the philippines. in oakland, kron 4 news haaziq madyun. >> kaiser permanente a released that we >> 1996 lexus. after this, to death, and both robberies from the same block. to different depths. >> neptune court, small, two deaths. >> and with fake gregg's liscrad not only are these eight dead end street, these are also dead end street. you conceded there is not a lot of traffic and also this neighborhood, there are many homes that are empty, foreclosed. a moving van in front of this all right for the attacks happened. in one case, july 7th, 59 year-old and his son came to this block. and they're looking for the address of this home but it does not have a car for sale. when the knock on the door, the home owner answered and said that there were mistaken. when they were leaving here, there were attacked. >> he asked if we had a car for sale? >> and i said no. >> and two minutes later, we heard a lot of noise, and his head
day that we are hearing that five u.s. service members were killed in southern afghanistan after two separate ied attacks. four were killed during one ied attack in the south and one in the other. again, this information is just coming in. we have very little information at the moment. kate? >> one additional thing? i know it is hard to get this kind of information, especially in the middle of the night and especially when you are just learning about a situation. we are also hearing reports from reuters about radio stations broadcasting reward money offering $20,000 for information about these two soldiers. have you heard anything about that? >> reporter: we've also been hearing those reports. we haven't been able to confirm that independently for cnn. we have heard reports that they could possibly be announcing this on a radio station in province actually, south of kabul in lobar. we haven't independently confirmed it. it is surprising. as this new strategy, president obama's strategy and one prescribed by general stanley mcchrystal, he and president obama have called for more of th
-working people trying to clean up the gulf of mexico. one was a u.s. coast guard cutter. on the deck of that skimmer, it's pretty slippery and dirty work. check it out. using the equivalent of a leaf blower to blow up these booms and get them filled up with air like balloons. how much of a mess does that look like? and it hasn't even started skimming yet. what's the process? >> first, you've got to make sure that ain't tangled. lift it up off the deck and then just get it down in the water. >> reporter: this is a dance between you, crewmen, crane operator and the cockpit? >> exactly. >> reporter: with the boom in the gulf, we needed to move a skimmer hose into position so it could go into the water. but trying to work on a pond of oil isn't easy. >> ask them to back down a little bit. hook it up right to the skimmer. >> be careful. it's slick. >> reporter: i'm just standing here and i'm moving. >> yeah. it doesn't get any better either. we want to bend that hose at a 90. we're going to take all three of them. that should work. y'all come on out of there. >> reporter: you get absolute
on as we say. >> fox news alert for you. it is a deadly day for u.s. troops in afghanistan. four were kill would in - killed in a bombing. the deaths occurred where the international forces are stepping up the fight against the taliban. 52 americans were killed in afghanistan just this month. former top commander in afghanistan said goodbye to the army. family and friends paid tribute to his retirement ceremony. >> my career included amazing moments and memories. but it is the people i will remember. it was always about the people. it was about the soldiers who are well trained, but at the end of the day act out in faith for their leaders and each other. >> as you know, mcchrystal was ousted after makes disparaging comments about obama administration on the war in afghanistan. >> u.s. military chief mike mcmullin is in pakistan with concern over the troops. u.s. misils killed 16 suspected militants. intelligence officials say six missiles struck a compound near the afghan border just before dawn. >> contradicting reports about zsa zsa gabor's health. her husband said she is in critical con
the administration's estimate in february, but still it's the largest budget shortfall in u.s. history. our guest tonight has been appointed by president obama to serve on a special commission to reduce the nation's deficit. alice rivlin joins us now, she is also senior fellow of the brookings institution. >> good to be here, susie. >> susie: alice, when you look at the forecast of the white house, and looking out, it is expecting the deficit, it will be able to cut the deficit by half a trillion dollars over the next two years, by the year 2012. that works out 10% of g.d.p. now down to 5.6%. does that seem doable to you? >> i think it is doable if the recovery doesn't falter. the assumptions behind this drop in the deficit are that the economy does recover, grows moderately this year, and continues to strengthen. i don't think that's unreasonable, although there is some reason recently to doubt how strong the recovery is. but on those assumptions, much of this deficit, and it is very, very large, is related to the recession and to the temporary spending that we had to do to mitigate the recessio
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